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If you are a personal injury victim, the process of selecting a lawyer who focuses on personal injury may be a new experience. Do you turn to the yellow pages? Do you ask friends? Do you search the web? Do you watch television until you see an ad that you like? These are all possible ways to look for a personal injury lawyer. However, they might not get you the best choice for your case.

As an experienced personal injury lawyer who has been practicing for 28 years, I recommend that you do your homework before selecting a lawyer to represent you or an injured family member in Charlottesville, Louisa County, Fluvanna County, Albemarle County or throughout central Virginia.  A few minutes of research can make sure that your personal injury lawyer is well qualified and up to the job. You can then meet with the lawyer with confidence that you know about the qualifications and background of the lawyer.

I think an internet search is a good starting point. You can learn a lot about personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville by their internet presence. At Wilson & Hajek, we try to educate the potential injury client in several ways. Our website has many pages about specific areas of injury law. We also have pages dedicated to telling you about the firm and the lawyers who make it successful. You can follow up with research on other sites such as the Virginia State Bar to make sure that the lawyer has no disciplinary record. Recognition by the organization “Best Lawyers in America” is also significant. Lawyers are selected to be listed in “Best Lawyers” based on the votes of other lawyers in the field, not based on payments by the lawyer to the group. Finally, a proven track record is important.

When you meet with a personal injury lawyer, don’t be shy about asking for the lawyer’s background. You are going to be working with the lawyer and so you need to be comfortable asking questions. Is the lawyer going to handle you case or is he going to give it to an associate? Is the lawyer willing to return your phone calls? Believe it or not, one of the most common complaints that I hear about from new clients is that the lawyer who handled a prior matter for them would not return phone calls. So when they have a new case, they do not go back to that lawyer. At Wilson & Hajek, we strive to keep the doors of communication open. Call us today for a complimentary consultation.

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