Brain-Injury-Careless-DriveOur personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville have found that brain injuries in auto accidents are more common than people realize and are often overlooked.  We ask the right questions.

Injury lawyers at Wilson & Hajek ask questions of auto accident victims in Charlottesville, Augusta County, Waynesboro, and central Virginia to make certain they do not have an undiscovered brain injury. Following an auto injury accident, many times the auto injury victim may suffer from mild, moderate, or severe traumatic brain injury. You may have heard people talk about closed-head injuries or post-concussion brain injuries when talking about someone’s medical condition. These types of injuries are more difficult to recognize than severe traumatic brain injuries. The severe traumatic brain injury is recognizable in that it sometimes causes seizures, bleeding of the brain, amnesia, loss of memory, balance problems, ringing in the ears, or personality changes. The mild or moderate brain injury caused by a trauma such as an auto accident injury may result in a loss of memory, blurred vision, an inability to concentrate and difficulty in making decisions. This is the type brain injury that is difficult for an injured person, or at times even the family, to recognize. That is why an auto accident injury victim who is suffering from headaches, blurred vision, or some memory loss following an accident should make this information known to their treating doctors.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville ask questions of their potential clients in Augusta County, Waynesboro, and central Virginia to make them aware of the sometimes unrecognized but serious injuries they have suffered in an auto accident.  Many times insurance claims adjusters will say to an injured party, You only had a tiny bump from the rear, so your claim has little, if any, value. When, in fact, even a tiny bump from the rear, which results in a snapping of the head, can cause brain injury and post traumatic syndrome concussive in nature.

The Wilson & Hajek injury law firm makes the proper inquiries and makes certain that its clients are fully compensated for any and all injuries they suffer from an auto accident.  Our experienced injury lawyers make sure you are medically as well as you can be then we get you the maximum amount for your claim.  Call the injury lawyers who offer personal attention to your auto injury case at (434)-202-8181.

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