Written by our personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville

Traffic jams in and around major thoroughfares in Charlottesville, Augusta County, and Waynesboro often lead to multiple-car accidents and it takes experienced car accident lawyers to sort things out.

Multiple-car accidents often occur on interstates at high rates of speed. The end result is often personal injuries to drivers and passengers. These multiple-car accidents lead to a lot of finger pointing with one driver blaming the other and that driver blaming other drivers. This confusion is compounded by the accompanying traffic tie-up and the gathering of police officers and rescue squad personnel trying to sort out stories, and tend to the injured.

Following these confusing circumstances a person is then faced with an insurance claims department who wants and hopes to get information that will clear their own insured.  It is times like these when you need to talk with our personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville.   Our lawyers will listen and advise you on how best to proceed in order to protect your rights for the car accident and any personal injury. Our office in Charlottesville covers Augusta County, Waynesboro and all of central Virginia. If more information is needed we will send investigators to the scene and to interview witnesses.

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