Motorcycle-Truck-Tractor-TrIf you were the passenger in a car involved in an accident and sustained serious injuries, there may be questions about who is responsible for the accident and what insurance coverage is available to you as the car accident victim. Our experienced personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville can help you with these questions. It is our job to investigate car accident liability and available insurance coverage issues in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Louisa County, Fluvanna County, Augusta County, Nelson County, Buckingham County, Madison County, Waynesboro, Staunton, Orange County, Greene County, and Culpepper, Virginia.

Sometimes the issue of fault in a car accident is unclear.  At Wilson & Hajek, we thoroughly investigate each and every car accident claim. Typically, we will go to the site and examine all physical evidence. We obtain copies of the police report and other available information. By conducting a thorough investigation of the circumstances of a car accident, we can present your case in the strongest possible way.

We will also explore all possible avenues of recovery. For instance, in serious car accidents, sometimes there are questions about the safety of the automobile or car and whether or not its safety equipment functioned as intended. Car airbags can explode too violently and cause serious injury. Sometimes seatbelts malfunction or fail. Claims against the manufacturers of these products may be necessary in addition to a claim against the negligent driver. An experienced car accident lawyer at Wilson & Hajek can help you navigate the claim maze.

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