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The Wilson & Hajek law firm handles personal injuries associated with transportation law which include car, truck, motorcycle, and train injuries.

Not every case is one where a big verdict waits as each case turns on its own facts, but over the years our experience has been to work hard and good results follow.  That is what our personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville do for each and every client in Charlottesville, Augusta County, Waynesboro, and central Virginia.

Francis Hajek is an experienced trial lawyer who achieves excellent results in car, truck, motorcycle, and rail accident injuries.

Whether you have a rollover, direct impact, multiple car collision, or a motorcycle accident, the Wilson & Hajek law firm of Virginia is currently handling those types of cases, as well as other transportation injury cases.

When you go to court in Virginia, take an experienced trial lawyer.

Who is going to court with you?

The answer should be the experienced lawyers of Wilson & Hajek.


The legal experience in the field of personal injury is abundant at this firm. Trials that range from the most serious: death, loss of limb, quadriplegia; to minor injuries such as sprains, have been tried by Eddie Wilson and Francis Hajek. The success rate is high. The verdicts are substantial. These cases have taken place in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Ohio and Washington, D.C. Cases are in state and federal courts.

Francis P. Hajek is licensed to practice in state courts, federal courts, the Virginia Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the United States, with personal arguments made before the Virginia Supreme Court, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, and a successful legal written argument to the United States Supreme Court.

You can collect for injuries. Call the personal injury law firm of Wilson & Hajek.

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