Choosing an experienced Culpepper Personal Injury Lawyer and attorney for your car or truck accident case involving a serious personal injury is an important decision. Culpepper personal injury attorneys and lawyers advertise in many ways. Some Culpepper personal injury lawyers and attorneys look to television or newspapers for their personal injury clients. In Culpepper, Virginia, there are several television stations and some of the larger Virginia personal injury law firms with several lawyers and attorneys handling personal injury case do advertise heavily. My personal injury law firm has chosen to advertise only on the internet.

Why? If you want to make an informed decision about the personal injury lawyer and attorney who will handle your personal injury case, the internet is one of the few ways to really get a lot of information about your potential Culpepper personal injury lawyer and attorney. For instance, the website of my personal injury law firm provides a lot of background information about me and a lot of information about different types of personal injury cases. Whether it is a car accident, truck or tractor trailer accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, brain injury, wrongful death, or any serious personal injury case, my personal injury law firm website probably has some useful information about that type of case.

There is also an extensive biography of me. When you read it, you will see that I have nearly 30 years of personal injury experience and that I have been selected for inclusion in Best Lawyers in America since 2007. This selection is a signal honor because you do not pay a fee to be included. Selection is based on a rigorous peer approval process where other lawyers have to vote to include you.

Before you choose an Culpepper personal injury lawyer, attorney, law firm or any of the many personal injury attorneys and lawyers in Culpepper to represent you in a serious personal injury case, call me at no charge to discuss your options.

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