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Often railroad workers suffer from traumatic accidents in the work they do as brakeman, conductors, and engineers. These injuries are in the transportation department. Other injuries occur in the car department where car inspectors and shop workers are injured while handling mechanical equipment. For a traumatic accident which happens on the job, Eddie Wilson has the legal and practical experience to handle the claim based on his previous career in transportation law as a railroad conductor/brakeman.

The other types of injuries on the railroad are diseases. These diseases often manifest themselves as cancer from asbestos exposure. The worst being mesothelioma, which is a non-curable cancer resulting solely from asbestos. There are other types of injuries that are a cross between traumatic injury and occupational disease. Some injuries are nerve injuries resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by cumulative trauma or repetitive motion, as an example, using a power wrench over and over on a car. For a brakeman it would be operating a switch, brake, or cut lever during their lifetime career.

Workers in Charlottesville, Augusta County, Waynesboro, and central Virginia who have been exposed to toxic chemicals over the years also suffer from memory loss and cancer. Often these workers have depression which is caused by this exposure and certain damages or limitations to the brain that result from the chemical exposure.

Another injury common to railroad workers is loss of hearing due to noise exposure over their career. Many employees made a claim for hearing loss a number of years ago and they settled their claim. Many of these employees would return to work and for the remainder of their career were again exposed to loud noises on the job. These employees have a new claim for further hearing loss caused by the exposure to noise which occurred after their first case.  Our personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville will be able to advise you if you have a claim.

The law firm of Wilson & Hajek has handled many traumatic injury cases, lung disease and cancer cases from asbestos exposure, nerve ending cases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and hundreds of hearing loss cases. Francis Hajek has been successful in handling such cases, equipped to not only win the case for the client, but to make certain that the client receives a full and fair amount of money for their claim.

Railroad workers can collect for injuries. Contact the law firm of Wilson & Hajek.

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