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In personal injury law, particularly car accidents, insurance coverage is always a question.  Experienced personal injury lawyers at Wilson & Hajek make sure maximum insurance coverage is collected.

If you are injured in an car accident or serious car wreck in Charlottesville, Louisa County, Fluvanna County, Albemarle County, or anywhere in central Virginia, insurance coverage is an issue that will affect the recovery of any injured person.  Typically, when there is a car accident, the insurance company will defend the case and it is responsible for the maximum limit of per-person coverage in the insured’s policy.  If the driver who is at fault for the car accident has the minimum amount of insurance required by law, there will usually only be $25,000 of coverage.  However, the injured person can also look to their own car insurance policy for “underinsured motorist” coverage.

Recently, the Virginia Supreme Court decided the case of The Virginia Farm Bureau vs. Williams.  This case expanded the potential amount of insurance coverage available under uninsured motorist provisions.  It explained that, in certain circumstances, coverage can be “stacked.” This means that if you have three cars insured on your policy and you pay a separate premium for each car, you may be able to stack the coverage for each car.  For example, if you have $50,000 of coverage for each car, the total underinsured motorist coverage may be $150,000.  In order to analyze your insurance policy, one of our experienced car accident lawyers in Charlottesville will take the time to review the policy language and determine how much insurance is available.  The amount of available insurance can be extremely important in a serious car accident where the injuries are significant, life-threatening, or where a death has occurred. In these cases, every dollar of available insurance may be needed by the injured victim of the car accident.

At Wilson & Hajek, experienced personal injury lawyers can assist you and will provide the personal attention you need and deserve.

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