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A Petersburg-Richmond CSX railroad worker’s injury case ended in successful mediation efforts after preparation by our personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville, Francis Hajek and Eddie Wilson. Congratulations to Francis Hajek on this confidential negotiation and settlement.

Settlements: There are many ways to successfully conclude a railroad personal injury case. This can be done through a negotiated settlement, usually between the Plaintiff, the railroad lawyer, and the railroad claim agent.

Trials: Another conclusion to a railroad personal injury claim is to have a trial. Then a jury decides who wins or loses and how much money is to be awarded.

Mediation: An alternative is mediation. A professional mediator (often a retired judge) listens to both sides of the case, then makes recommendations back and forth to the parties.

An advantage of mediation is that both sides are required to prepare, present and defend their positions in the case. Each side gains knowledge about the case which allows a realistic valuation of the case.

The Plaintiff hears for the first time what his fellow workers, doctors, railroad supervisors and experts have to say about the case. This gives our client a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of this case.

In Summary: No matter which method you choose: settlement, trial or mediation, our personal injury lawyers in Charlottesville are experienced in all three .

Congratulations to Francis Hajek on a job well done in the recently mediated Petersburg-Richmond railroad injury case.

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