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We are proud to announce the return of the Wilson Law Firm and Railroaders Representing Railroaders SM, an idea created to help injured rail workers. This is a unique and successful idea developed twenty-two years ago which combines skills from difference experiences.

To work, it takes an individual who has experience as:

1. a rail worker;
2. an investigator of rail accidents; and,
3. a lawyer representing injured rail workers.

As a personal injury lawyer in Charlottesville, I am proud to say that I meet all of those qualifications.

After years of success with this idea, I took a few years off for family time, golf, fishing and travel, but still maintained my law license and continued my legal education.

I had to chuckle as I saw some law firms scramble to claim they could equal what Railroaders Representing Railroaders SM had done in the past. However, nothing could substitute for the insights I gained as a rail worker: years of railroad experience; pounding the ballast; operating switches; waiting on a call to work at all hours; working Christmas eve; working in the cold; working in the rain; and the long hours, all while exposed to the dangers of moving trains, diesel fumes, coal dust, chemicals, and other dangerous substances. Only then can a person understand what a rail worker goes through daily and how difficult it is to avoid the dangers of the workplace. I can make juries understand the personal injury case of the injured railroad employee.

Personal Background

1. Rail worker: After my eleven years as a rail worker, then a job ending injury, I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to become a litigator/lawyer. I had done that for six years as a local chairman representing railroad workers accused of rules violations. We called these “Kangaroo Courts”, for obvious reasons. I knew I could get a better outcome for railroaders in court.

2. Investigator: I worked as an investigator of rail accidents and injuries while I attended college full time, graduating with honors.

3. Lawyer: I attended the University of Richmond Law School three years, graduated with Law Review and Honor Society distinctions, then took and passed the Bar.

My first job was with a law firm which represented rail workers. These were good lawyers, but I left to put my own ideas to work.

My first trial was Caldwell v. Seaboard, involving a hearing loss to a railroad brakeman. Bill Caldwell and I were happy, happy, happy when a jury awarded him One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,500,000.00). The judge said too much and took five hundred thousand dollars back. The railroad was mad as hell about the million and they appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court. They lost! They appealed to the United States Supreme Court. They lost, with interest! A good start for Railroaders Representing Railroaders SM!

Railroad workers can collect for injuries.

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