When hiring a lawyer, look for these traits

Written by our car accident lawyers in Charlottesville

When searching for a lawyer, you will have no trouble finding a ton of them. Everyone is on the internet. “Everyone” is the scary part – the good and the bad.

Selecting a lawyer that will work with you, understand your case, and fight hard for you, will take some work. We recommend looking for these two traits when doing your interviews – reputation and experience.

For more than three decades our car accident lawyers in Charlottesville have helped injury victims fight for the compensation they are due in Louisa County, Fluvanna County, and Albemarle County.

The best personal injury lawyers have the reputation to prove it. Ensure that the lawyer you choose is well-regarded by past clients and peers.

Whether you are seeking a car accident lawyer for a small or large car accident injury, hiring one with a strong reputation earned from winning for others puts you in a great position to help yourself.

Although everyone has to start somewhere, you most likely do not want a new lawyer handling an injury case that has a significant impact on your life and family. For that case, you want an experienced lawyer who is battle tested and has a strong track record for achieving excellent settlements and hard-fought trial wins.

Our car accident lawyers in Charlottesville have handled thousands of personal injury cases and have recovered tens of millions for injured clients. Our lawyers are experienced and have seen it all. That means we know what the insurance companies are looking for and how they operate. We know how they low-ball offers, deny claims, and protect their bottom line. This allows us to present the case to the insurance company in a way that has the best chance to settle for maximum dollars or win at a trial.

Getting the wrong lawyer will cost you time, money, frustration…and your case. Getting the right lawyer, will give you peace of mind and the compensation you are rightfully due.

Don’t get cheated out of money you need and and are owed. Call us to discuss your options at 434-202-8181.  Our experienced lawyers can let you know what your options are and how to maximize a recovery.

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