Don’t battle insurance companies alone

Written by our car accident lawyers in Charlottesville

If you have suffered an injury there are a couple of ways to know if your circumstances require help from a lawyer.

Whose fault was it?
If you were involved in a car accident or other serious accident and it is unclear who is at fault, you should consult an experienced personal injury lawyer. Why? Because the other party’s insurance company will most likely try to blame you for damages.

Pinning the blame on you costs them less money. They are not really concerned about what you need to make you whole again. Having a personal injury lawyer in your corner can help you protect your rights as well as defend you against any counterclaims.

For more than three decades our car accident lawyers in Charlottesville have helped individuals with serious injuries throughout Louisa County, Fluvanna County, Albemarle County, and central Virginia.

The insurance company denied or is delaying your claim
Insurance companies know that 99 percent of injured people do not understand all the complicated laws and procedures that take place during a legal case. They often use this advantage to deny a good person’s legitimate injury claim. Insurance companies do this because (1) they can!, and (2) they think you will do nothing about it.

Some insurance companies will also delay claims in order to slowly beat the injured party into submission. Wrong, but legal. They know that your money is tight and that the medical bills are rolling in, so they will often use this position to offer you a fraction of the amount your claim is really worth.

If a denial or delay happens to you, we recommend you consult our car accident lawyers in Charlottesville for help. Since the 1980s, we have recovered tens of millions for injured clients hurt every way you can imagine, not just car accidents.

Don’t get cheated out of money you need and warrant. Call us to discuss your options at 434-202-8181.  Our experienced car accident lawyers can let you know what your options are and how to maximize a recovery.

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